Bottineau Jig Language Project

by paulinobrener on April 2, 2011

How many languages can you hear in this audio clip?  What are they?   Bottineau Languages

Bottineau  Jig Language Project. In order to create the sounds of  a multilingual Minnesota in the 1840s ,  Jane had the joy of recording the following message in many languages. “We live here because we need to. This land feeds and clothes us. That is why we stay. We will work hard , so that our children will prosper.”

The language  recording project allowed us to establish connections with many local heritage groups, who were happy to find interest in their ethnic ancestors.
Many thanks to our Language Recorders: Swedish- Ewa Rydaker, Creole- Roulio Lundy, Ojibwe-James Vukelich, English-Pat Carolan, Dakota-Jim Anderson and Beth Brown,  French- Josette Antomarchi.  Michif (Metis) is performed live by Eddie Johnson and French-Canadian live by Linda Breitag.

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