Sister or Servant?

“Masquerade at the Palace” or

“Sister or Servant”

Baroque dance, Commedia theater, and Classical music

Choose from two masked comedies with live classical music, dance, and acting from the palaces of 18th C. France! A fascinating look at the clothing, social hierarchy, and rich arts of that culture.

Masquerade at the Palace is the story of a servant girl who rises to royalty due to brains, charm, and luck.

Giggle at the antics of the crazy Baroness and Duchess and be enthralled by the dancing of the Prince and Princess. Lots of audience participation. This show is the larger of the two with the most elaborate and wild costuming. Four actor/dancers and a violinist.

Sister or Servant introduces the wild adventures of a father and two daughters exploring family and class relationships. Two actor/dancers and a violinist.

*A workshop for students and study guide for teachers are both available.
* See Book a Show for details.

“This show was a huge hit! Your skill at interacting with the audience is unparalleled, in my opinion.”

–Mpls. Institute of Arts Program Dept.

“I feel like I discovered a hidden treasure! It is so rare to see this type of movement theater.”

– Bob, former priest.

“You had the audience in the palm of your hand, both adults and kids.”

– teacher

“The dance was so well integrated with the story!”

– actor