Community Groups

Community Groups

Jane Peck and Dance Revels Moving History offer three community activities:

1. Show and Barn Dance

Any of our shows can be followed by a community barn dance. The combined time is roughly two hours. Look for live fiddling of popular folk dances for young and old, taught by Jane, as well as old favorites the polka, waltz, tango. The group has done barn dances for all ages, preschool through senior citizens.

2. Town or Neighborhood Residency

A performance of one of our shows can be combined with community dance workshops, as well as a school residency, with students performing their own show at the end of the one or two-week residency.

3. Mississippi Riverdance Project

Produce a show with us to reflect the local history of your town/neighborhood and its first residents and cultures! There are at least three parts to the project. First, Jane researches your local history at your historical society and adapts the script to fit your area. Next, she rehearses local students and/or adults to take part in the show. Finally, Dance Revels Moving History performs your version of Mississippi Riverdance with the added local cast. This is a memorable event for a special event or festival. We recommend a regional arts grant for funding.