Step Back, Yankee Doodle!

“Step Back, Yankee Doodle!”

“18th c. Dance of Many North American Peoples”

Step Back, Yankee Doodle! Colonial America had many more cultures than you think. Let Dance Revels introduce you to the world of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, as well as the New Africans of Virginia, the early Spanish and the Pueblo cultures of Santa Fe, and the French era in the Midwest. Try the body percussion of the African-American hambone, join in the cakewalk, a country dance from New England, and clap Spanish rhythm patterns! You’ll even see the corset and hoops of Lady Jane of New England! (2 dancers and 1 fiddler).

“It was very, very, very FUN learning about colonial people and what they did. I liked all the dances the best!”

students, Gatewood School, Hopkins, MN

“This show  is such fun and the kids are learning a lot at the same time.”

Homeschool mom, Mpls. Institute of Arts show

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