Ragtime/Twenties Era

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Charleston with “Me”; a tribute to Brenda Ueland and her world.

Vintage Ragtime Dancing

“Know that you have something important to say!”

Brenda Ueland’s words have inspired artists and writers since the Roaring Twenties and WWI. Where did she find inspiration? At Lakes Harriet and Calhoun of Minneapolis, as well as among artists in Greenwich Village, NY. It was a time of the sacrifice of war and the extremes of the Twenties.  How better to represent Brenda’s own flamboyance and feisty spirit than through the dances of her day: the Charleston, Tango, and Black Bottom! With live ragtime piano, slides, narration from Brenda’s books.
6 performers.

“This shows has all the important elements: joy, humor, energy, inspiration…”


“The dancing was very tight, very interesting. It brought back memories of  our family dance nights.”

– counselor

“Your performance of this show was really spectacular! Thank you for bringing such a wonderful historical account to the stage!”

– Mya Follansbee,
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Associate