Pioneer/Civil War Era

Mississippi Riverdance

Immigrant Settlers’ and Métis Dance

Twin Cities’ Story

The world of St. Paul and Minneapolis around the time Minnesota became a state was one of many cultures and languages, a diversity not seen again until recent times. Dance Revels Moving History introduces you to this multi-ethnic era in St. Anthony Falls (birthplace of Mpls.) Join our house party that will be jumping with the dances and music of the Yankee, Scandinavian, and Irish immigrants, and the French and French-Indian locals. How did they dance? With great spirit!  The driving bass beat at this party is outside: the Dakota Indian drums. It was their land that was being sold and settled. A native actor gives Little Crow’s famous speech. 6 dancers and a fiddler.

*See To Book Show.
*Can be followed by a community old-time dance. See Teaching-Community section.
*For a full evening of theater and a view of birth and growth of the French-Indian community, combine Mississippi Riverdance as the second half, and A Voyageur’s Tale show as the first half.

Mississippi Riverdance Project

Your Town’s Story

Dance Revels Moving History will include your community’s history of the time it became a state. In all the areas drained by the Mississippi this era was one of many cultures and languages, a diversity not seen again until recent times. Our house party will be hosted by the French-Indians, who were often the hosts and the bridge between the native tribes and the new immigrants. Thrill to music, dance, costumes, and characters of the first inhabitants of your town!  We can include local students and local dancers in the production with our performers.

*See Teaching-Community Section and To Book Show or Class.

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“We so enjoyed this show that we came a second
time with different friends!”

– Cathy, writer and Sherri, musician

“Finally, a history show that includes both native, mixed blood, and immigrant points of view.”

– Michael, MCTC  professor

“This is a powerful show that unites us, instead of dividing us.”

– actress

“I saw my grandmother’s story come to life.”

Joyce, former educator

“Bravo! Dance Revels has successfully combined dancing and acting in a unique way.”

-theater teacher

“I was delighted you told the story of the first nuns in Minnesota.”

– Mary, Order of St. Joseph’s

We experienced the many layers of life at a time that life-and-death decisions were being made.”

– St. Olaf professor