Masked Comedy

“Masquerade at the Palace”

Commedia dell’arte Dance Theater.

Commedia dell’arte is the street theater of 15th – 19th c.  Europe, which we are presenting  with its original plot, dance, early music, and costumes of the period.  This is great family entertainment, with both humor and beauty! Meet Harlequin the servant, Pantaloon his greedy master, and other characters often portrayed by Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, and our  Jeune Lune Theater of Minneapolis. Watch the world unravel! These characters were once everyone’s favorite across Europe, including the kings and queens. We’ve done many versions of this: “Harlequin and the Prince of Persia”, “Masquerade at Versailles” etc. with 4 actor/dancers and 1-2 musicians (harpsichord, or violin and bassoon). Acting direction by French actress Josette Antomarchi  (of Jacques Lecoq School in Paris).

* For a full evening, pair this show with “A Glimpse of the Renaissance/Versailles”.
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“This show was a huge hit! Your skill at interacting with the audience is unparalleled, in my opinion.”

–Mpls. Institute of Arts Program Dept.

“I feel like I discovered a hidden treasure! It is so rare to see this type of movement theater.”

– Bob, former priest.

“You had the audience in the palm of your hand, both adults and kids.”

– teacher

“The dance was so well integrated with the story!”

– actor