Jane Austen/Lewis

“Of Silk and Buckskin-
Lewis and Clark were Déjà vu”

Regency era (1800) ballroom and folk dance

With an ensemble of six costumed dancers and the wild fiddling of Gary Schulte, Dance Revels gives the modern world its first look at the dance so frequently mentioned in the Lewis and Clark journals. Jane Peck’s original research and choreography show us how they used dance for diplomacy. With slides and narration you’ll hear the untold stories of the French and Métis involvement in the famous journey to the Mandan village. 6 dancers and a fiddler.

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Or -“Of Silk and Buckskin-
The Romance of the Wilderness”

Regency era (1800-1820) ballroom and folk dance

From the era of Jane Austen come the scandalous first waltzes and quadrilles, lively Scottish reels, and gentlemen’s hornpipes. Our show includes these dances as well as  slides of wilderness paintings and readings from Thomas Jefferson, De Tocqueville, and other voices of the era. Next, you’ll clap to the rhythmic folk dances of the “romantic” French-Canadian  country people of early U. S. and Canada; the reels and step-dancing of Quebec and the Red River, and the percussion of feet, spoons, and limberjack.6 dancers and a fiddler.

“A perfect glimpse of the time period.”
“A moment to remember! The dancers skillfully recreated the ambiance and feeling of a sophisticated and refined era.”

-Franco-Manitoban Cultural Center

“A totally spectacular addition to our ball!”

-Winnipeg, Canada, Festival Organizers

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