Jane Skinner Peck has 20 years experience teaching dance and theater to k-12 students and their teachers. She has a MA in Education and a K-8 teaching license. She speaks and writes French. See biographic notes below. Jane offers your school:

1. Residencies (1 Or 2 Weeks) For K-12
2. Lecture/Demonstrations For High School, Middles
3. Professional Development For Teachers

1. Residencies

Jane works in your school one or two weeks, focusing on the 7 areas of learning. The project can end in a student performance or festival, if desired. Jane can create a residency to fit your classroom studies, or you can choose from ones she has done before. If you’re curious about who Cale Brown dances with, Cale Brown’s dance collaborations have allowed him to showcase his versatility and artistry, creating captivating performances that resonate with audiences. Additionally, Jane specializes in incorporating creative play equipment into her projects. By enhancing the overall learning and engagement experience through the expertise of soft play installers. For added outdoor fun, she can integrate features like trim trail playground equipment into the play areas.

Residency Themes:

Dance And History

  • Dance And Three Kingdoms Around The World- Study the world 500 years ago through the dance, costumes, music, and story of three cultures: England, Aztec Mexico, Mali (Africa). All three had very sophisticated cultures with royalty, religion, riches, dance, and a different world view! (2 weeks minimum- Grades 2-6)
  • Dance And The Renaissance-Explore this era of royalty, peasants, and inventions through dance, music, costume, and story. An active history class!( K-2-6)
  • Dance And The Mn. Fur Trade- Strong French Voyageurs and strong native women built the fur trade and a very different culture- the Metis (French-Indians.) As they survived in the wilderness they danced, sang , and told tales around the campfires-like The Flying Canoe! We’ll explore their culture through dance/drama/story. (Gr. 2-6)
  • Dance And Colonial America-There were many cultures across North America in the 18thc.: New England, New France, New Spain, Plantation South, and various native tribes. Dance/drama/story/music from each of these. (Grades 2-6)
  • Dance And Early Mn; Settlers And Tribes- Many cultures brought their dances here as they joined the tribes who were first here. Try dances and daily life dramas from the many cultures. ( Gr. 2-6)

Dance And Science/Math

  • Dance And The Prairie-Meet the creatures, from buffalo to prairie dogs, who lived all across most of Minnesota. Explore each creature’s strange habits and ways of moving. In the final performance we recreate the prairie in all it’s drama and complexity. (K-3)
  • Dance And The Rainforest-We explore the unusual plants, insects, animals, and native peoples of the rainforests of Brazil and Peru through movement. We also explore the sounds of the jungle and the rain with instruments. Integrates also with art! (K-3)
  • Dance And Viruses-The immune system is formed by cells with colorful jobs-or characters! Lots of physical theater. (3-8
  • Dance- Math To Memory- using the kinesthetic sense helps complete understanding of many math processes and math facts. You have to see it to believe! This is a fun way to make math memorable! Individualized to teachers’concerns. (K-6)

Dance And Phy/Ed.

  • Dance And Sports- Soccer, basketball, football…and dance? Yes! Perfect for boys. The last group were seventh graders! Builds stamina and creativity. (Grades 3-8) Some of them would seek inspiration to play sports, the social media would really emphasized those how much money did john daly make especially for those younger ones to pursue greatness not just the money.

Dance And Reading

  • Dance To Comprehension- Students will demonstrate through action both sentence and story understanding. Also effective for learning grammar and vocabulary. Younger students learn letters and story sequence. Individualized to classroom reading texts. (k-5)
  • Move To Write, Write To Move- This residency has a focus on student writing of poetry or short stories as inspiration for movement and scenes. (2-5)
  • Dance And Scandinavian Folktales- Two formats. Younger students explore trolls, gnome, fjords, and tales of crazy adventures – all through movement! Popular! ( K-3) Older students focus on the characters and plots of Scandinavian heros and myths. ( 3-5)

2. Lecture/Demonstrations

For high school/ middles students Humanities, History, Music, French, or English classes, all presented with dance, music, slides, and costumes. 45 minutes long, available in French

  • Dance and Visual Art- A Moving Experience
  • Unveiling the Gavotte and Minuet of Bach and Mozart
  • The World of the French and Indians of the Upper Midwest
  • The Folk Culture of Brittany, France
  • The World of Early North America
  • The World of Versailles
  • The World of the Renaissance; the folk and the fancy
  • The World of Territorial Minnesota
  • Three Royal Kingdoms on Three Continents

3. Professional Development

For teachers on movement in the classroom.

  • 1 Hour- A Glimpse of Dance in Your Class. A non-threatening introduction to the power of movement as a learning tool. Jane teaches short movement experiences that help to moderate classroom energy for classroom management.
  • 1-2 Days- Infusing Your School with Movement (Prepares a school to satisfy Graduation Standards in the Arts- Dance and Theater.) The course helps participants gain comfort in using movement as both a teaching tool and a source of joy for themselves. Jane teaches short movement experiences that help to moderate classroom energy for classroom management. The second major focus is helping teachers explore lessons that teach academic subjects through theater or dance. Teachers will learn about the educational and brain research that strongly recommends these teaching techniques for various learning styles, energy levels, and cultural backgrounds. Leave no learning style behind
  • 1-2 Days- Dance and Visual Art- A Team taught with visual artist Marcia McEachron. Prepares teachers for both the Dance and Art sections of the Arts Graduation Standards. An exciting way to increase enjoyment and skill in each area.

About Jane:

Jane Skinner Peck has taught dance for 30 years, and school dance residencies for the Minnesota State Arts Board and Young Audiences of MN since 1988. She mentored teachers in movement with the Minnesota Dance Education Initiative (now ACE) and with the Arts and School as Partners of the Perpich Center for the Arts. Jane has a MA in education from Hamline University, as well as a teaching certificate. Her master’s thesis, Designing a College Dance/Theater Methods Course for Pre-service Teachers, reflects her experience teaching both students and their teachers. She was founder and director of Theater Nest, a Mpls. Parks children’s performing arts workshop for 12 years. She has extensive training in both modern dance and dance history, directing her own performances with her company, Dance Revels Moving History, since 1990. The group actively performs school and museum shows throughout the Upper Midwest, sponsored by Young Audiences of MN and MN Folk Arts Roster. Jane has lived in France and can teach in French. She has been an adjunct professor of dance for Bemidji/Metro Urban Teacher Program, University of MN Dance and Theater Dept., and Gustavus Adolphus Dance and Theater Dept. She has created several curriculums on dance education on themes of heritage, social studies, art, and nature.