Renaissance and Baroque

“A Glimpse of the Renaissance”

Renaissance Dance and Music (15th and 16th c. Europe)

  • Concert with our lute player and recorder player or your chamber ensemble.The unique sound of Renaissance music has equally unique dances that it accompany it. See the flying jumps of Queen Elizabeth’s volta, the flying galliard feet, the elegant flirtations of an Italian  duet, and hear the percussion of canario step dancing. 2 dancers, 2 musicia
    *For a full evening concert, pair this with commedia dell’arte show, “Masquerade at the Palace.” See Masked Comedy.
  • Lecture- Demonstration with our lute player. See all the major dances of the period, as well as how they fit with the music and characters of the period. Includes dance, live music, slide projections, and narration. 1 dancer, 1 musician

“A Glimpse of Versailles”

Baroque Dance and Music (17th  &18th c. Europe)

  • Concert with music by our harpsichordist or your chamber ensemble.Experience the seductive dream that was Versailles, France.  Baroque dance makes the music of Lully, Bach, or Handel three-dimensional and so vibrant. It has intricate footwork like visual percussion and pathways that flow with the melody. Let your audiences finally see the gigue, sarabande, minuet, and character dances as they hear the beautiful classical music and the castanets of La Folia. 2 dancers, 1 musician
    *For a full evening concert, pair this with commedia dell’arte show, “Masquerade at the Palace.” See Masked Comedy.
  • Or as *Lecture demonstration with our harpsichordist or yours. Not only do your audiences or students finally see the gigue, sarabande, minuet, but they understand how they fit with the music, as well as why they developed. This includes dance, live music, narration, and slide projections.
    1 dancer, 1 musician
“Choreographer and director Jane Peck captures the essence of this classical time period and translates it from the page to a most engaging physical format. Her creative abilities seem almost endless.”

-Mpls. Institute of Arts, Matthew James, Public Programs

“Jane’s renaissance dance concert was the high point of our spring season, and received a standing ovation.”

– Concentus Musicus Renaissance Ensembles, Hampton Smith, Board Chair.

“Dance Revels’ baroque performance was beautifully presented and historically accurate, as well as interesting and entertaining.”

– Early Music Series,
College of St. Scholastica,
LeAnn House, music professor.

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